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JW Fabrication produces a range of gates and fences ranging from the conventional to the contemporary. Below are a selection of the projects we have completed.

Homestead Gate

The Homestead driveway gates incorporate our wood clamping system and our "leaf" gate design. The steelwork is galvanised and stained with black patina before being waxed to give an antique surface finish. The tanelized timber has been treated with a high quality stain and varnish.

We have included an alternative latch style to this gate which fits in perfectly with the gates attractive appearance.

Homestead Gate
Homestead Gate

Web Gates

The "Web" gate is one of our contemporary designs. Two examples are shown here.

We have removed the background from the first picture to try and show our unique web design to better effect. We have also shown the web gates in the open position, this better shows the depth of the construction.

The two right hand pictures show a variation of the web gate which is heavy duty and designed for extra security with a keypad lock. The intermediate bars are designed to prevent an intruder from reaching through the gate to access the inside lock.

The first gate was spray painted in black, the second gate has been galvanised for long life and the customer intends to paint it at a later date. both gates were installed by JWF.

Web Gate
Web gate
Security Web gate
Security Web gate

Ring Finial Gates

The Ring Finial design is an attractive modern gate and is of substantial construction. Two variations are shown here, the first is a conventional driveway gate. Although JWF offer the option of powder coating, on this occasion the customer was happy to paint the gates themselves.

The second Ring Finial gate was designed for extra security for the houseowners car port. It is very heavy duty with a strong slide latch and drop bolt which can both be padlocked. The gate was both galvanisedd and powder coated for a long lasting finish.

Ring Finial
Ring Finial Security Gate

Alice Gate

Alice Gate

The Alice gate is not what it seems.

This "leaf" panel incorporates a lockable gate to provide security to the back of the property. However it is not the small arched gate in the centre that opens but the entire two thirds of the panel. The owner was planning to plant creeping plants to grow up and around the wooden fence, JWF designed this bespoke panel to compliment the owners plans.

The gate is galvanized and powder coated. It includes a quality external lock.

Wood and Steel Gates

At JWF we endeavour to make our gates as maintenance free as possible, this style incorporates a clamping system that grips the wood in position without having to drill or screw it. This means that the woodwork can easily be removed at any time for staining or replacement without causing any damage.

The steel parts of the gates were powder coated to give them a professional finish. JWF fully installed and fitted the gates.

Steel and Wood Gate
Steel and Wood Gate

Arch Finial

Arch Finial Gate

The "Arch Finial" gate like most of JW fabrications design's does not rely on "fancy" scrolls and is smart and modern.

The gate shown here has been powder coating for a superb finish and easier maintenance and JWF completed the job by installing and fitting the gate.

Security Gate

Security Gate

The Security gate is ideal for customers needing added security.

After having his car vandalised on his driveway, This customer required a gate that could be securely locked and be a visual deterrent to would-be vandals.

JWF designed the gate with added security features. The gate was made higher than normal and each upright was finished with a sharp spike. Further spikes were used in the lower section to deter anyone from trying to climb up and over the gate. Each half of the gate has a drop-catch that can be padlocked into place preventing the gates being opened without access to the keys.

The gate was powder coated giving it a great finish.

Leaf Gate and Panels

The Leaf Gate is one of our most attractive and striking designs.

The customer required a security gate and panels for an existing wall at his property. The property is nestled within the largest forest in Britain and we wanted to echo this in our design and finish.

Leaf Gate
Leaf Gate and Panels

JWF are passionate about creating products that are unique and exciting. The gate and panels are totally hand crafted and include three different sizes of round bar and over 150 individual pressed leaves to create an organic natural appearance.

The gate houses a robust external lock providing security to the rear of the property. All the panelling can be removed from the inside using a quick release system requested by the customer.

All of the items are galvanized and look stunning in a rich green powder coat finish. JWF fully installed and fitted the gate and panels.

Finial Fence

The Finial Fence is one of JW Fabrications fence options. It is a classic design that is ideal for long runs.

Finial Fencing
Finial Fencing

The fencing shown here sections off a garden area and includes a gate at the path end. The fencing serves a dual purpose of partitioning the garden and also keeps the family dog enclosed in an controlled area

The design is conventional and includes finials on each upright. The fencing and gate have been powder coated. JWF installed the fencing.

Basic Gate

Basic Gate

The gate shown here is one of JW fabrications basic designs and is ideal for those needing a lower cost gate.

The customer did not want an elaborate design, the main requirement was that the gates closed properly and had good strong catch to keep out unwanted local pets.

The gate was powder coated and JWF also installed the gate.