This "specials" page shows some bespoke items that JWF have fabricated for our customers. Some of these are one-off products and so are totally unique. JWF are always happy to accomodate our customers requirements and so variations of these products are expected and welcome.

Granite Table

Granite table with bespoke legs
This table is a work of art and is a talking point in the customers dining room.

The customer wanted something modern and different to fit in with their newly renovated house. The granite was sourced from South Yorkshire Marble who cut and shaped the granite to the customers specification.

Granite table with steel legs

JWF were tasked with designing the table legs with special emphasis on the legs not impeding the chairs and detracting from the dining experience. Here you see the result which is constructed from steel i-beam and powder coated using jet-black colour.

Pond Security

Pond Cover

Pond Cover
Pond Cover
This impressive pond was hand built and is 5 metres long, 2 metres deep and is stocked with huge coy carp.

The customer wanted a cover as a security measure for his young child but was keen to have something that would look good and be low maintenance.

Pond Cover

The sheer size of the cover is not evident from these pictures. It had to be constructed in three sections and bolted together on-site. The picture here of our technicians gives a better clue as to the scale of the cover.

JWF incorporated an access hatch which prevents the need to remove the cover for maintenance or servicing of the pond or fish. The cover was both galvanised and powder coated with a silver-grey finish to match the pond cap stones.

Flame Curtain Pole

Flame Curtain Pole

JWF believe that a curtain pole can be a feature. This pole is 100% stainless steel and includes handmade removable flame finials. The finials are flame treated creating the beautiful purple and amber colours. Click the picture above to view a close up of the finials.

Harris Hawk

High Ring Falconry Perch

JW Fabrication have been commissioned to build perches for displaying birds of prey at shows and exhibitions. This item is 100% high grade stainless steel and will last a lifetime. The height can be tailored to individual requirements.

Patio Sculpture

Decorative Stainless Steel Handrail

This bespoke sculptural item serves the purpose of being a handrail for a step in the decking on a garden patio. The detail was developed from the customer's initial idea..

Stainless Steel Roof Rack

Roof Rack

The owner of this van was not satisfied with any compatible roof rack system and commissioned JWF to make a bespoke rack to match his exact requirements.

The rack has ten anchors making it very strong and covers the entire surface area of the van's roof.

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